First day, first coffee

Continuing Peter’s blogging catchup, let’s look at our first week in the lab, starting on Sunday, June 7…


Sunday was an early day for me…despite delays on the way into Barcelona, I was still on the ground before 8, and with a full day ahead and no available caffeine – it is Sunday – it was time to push through and get settled in.  As it turned out, our apartment is in an attic, and my room is above the attic, so that translates to amazing views of the city.

View from apartment window
View from apartment window

After moving in, Peter and I had a great dinner – crepes – and turned in, as we had an early start for Monday.


Monday morning was our first day on-campus, and it started with our first café cortado.  As much as Americans love their Starbucks (or similar), the Spanish know how to make a good cup of coffee any time of day, for a fraction of the price.  We met the two professors who run the lab and got a tour of their suite of equipment to test satellites for launch and orbit.  As you’ll see once we catch up, I’ll get the chance to use this equipment later this summer with my project.  We then read up on the different projects the lab is working on, so we can choose what we want to do this summer.  Lots to think about.


Today was my first foray into Barcelona’s public transportation system.  As a native Angeleno, the notion of not driving is foreign, but maybe riding on a bus (I don’t really count the TCAT, as I ride it about twice a semester) or taking the subway will be a good experience.  Barcelona overall is a walkable city, but being able to get to the center of town in under 10 minutes is nice, and like everything in this city, there’s a discount for being a student (or under 25).


Because we haven’t been assigned projects yet and the grad student helping us choose what we’re going to do was out of town, we took the day to see the city.  I know Peter did a lot of sightseeing already, but it was great to see the gothic quarter and walk along the beach.  I’m definitely coming back, maybe for the Festival of Sant Joan.  One lunch on the beach was not enough.  It was great to begin to see the city.

Barcelona Beach


Kind of a blur, as it’s been a while, but Peter and I continued reviewing documentation, and we were ready to choose our projects for the summer.  Overall, a great first week.

Parlem Aviat,

Jason Flahie


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