Hola Barcelona!

Saturday (6/22/15)   

Made it to Barcelona a tired mess, threw my things in my room, and only then realized, HOLY COW, I’M IN BARCELONA! I looked out my window to see the light blue sky stretching across the beautiful buildings, and I suddenly didn’t feel that tired anymore. I went out with Peter and Jason for a bit and grabbed some awesome tapas at a place down the street later on at night after unpacking and grabbing some groceries at Consum (Oh how I’ve missed being able to ask for deli meat cut fresh). -Anjit


Sunday (6/23/15)


Met two friends at the beach in Barcelona (turns out it was a topless beach, whoops), and had a really nice relaxing day chilling with these two Cornell buds. Met up with Jason and Peter later on and a third friend to go to get some tapas and eat and eat and eat. Man, food is delicious here, and not that expensive gotta say. -Anjit


Monday (6/24/15)

Started work today, got introduced to the team at UPC and they seem like a bunch of cool cats. Only thing is they speak alot of Catalan, and I can’t say I’m very good at that yet, but I’ve got alot of time to learn! Heard about the different projects available to us and decided to go with the ABS project (Android Beyond Space), as I’ve taken a course at Cornell (Autonomous Mobile Robots) that has taught similar subject matter. They are looking to create a satellite tracker and collision avoidance algorithm, and I hope that what I’ve learned can be applicable enough and that I can learn alot to help create this. -Anjit

Tuesday (6/25/15)

Officially decided to go with the ABS project after meeting with the professors. Worked on a Matlab GUI that would simulate the motion of a constellation of satellites and allow me to add more satellites and create measurements that would emulate those produced by the camera satellite recognition algorithm already developed by one of the students at the University. Went with Peter after work to check out La Salle to see a potential rock climbing gym. Looks very promising! I think we might start coming here to work out!

Wednesday (6/26/15)

Ran to the rock climbing gym and signed our membership: FITNESS HERE WE COME! Continued work on the simulator at the University.

Thursday (6/27/15)

Met with Professor Alarcon and we discussed the project in more detail. Got more of an idea of what I have to do, man this is going to be tough. Tracking a whole constellation of satellites with only one camera on each satellite is quite a feat. Let’s do this!

Friday (6/28/15)

Just same old same old, went to the gym in the morning (I think I’m getting better!) anddddd research!

Saturday (6/29/15)


Went climbing near the Foixada with Peter, saw the awesome museum nearby. Jason actually went in but he told us about it and I plan to do a return trip sometime when I can for sure!



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