Sant Joan Shenanigans

Tuesday was one of the most important celebrations of the year in Barcelona – the eve of the Feast of Sant Joan.  It is celebrated with bonfires and fireworks to commemorate the solstice.  My description won’t give the traditions justice, so check out the link if you’re curious.

Peter, Anjit, and I had a great day in the lab.  I continued to work on testing of CubeCat-1 in preparation for its launch at the end of the year and finished work on a device I designed for one of the tests – more on that once it finishes being printed.

After work, we had tapas for dinner and got ready for an exciting night out – the entire city celebrates all night, and almost no businesses are open on the feast day anyway.

Pre-Sant Joan Tapas

We took the metro to Plaça de Catalunya, which was nearly deserted except for a few stragglers headed to the beaches at 11 PM, and walked down La Rambla toward Barceloneta.  Compared to how busy it was when we went out last week, it was amazing how quiet everything was.  It was even quiet enough to take a picture when we got to Barceloneta…

Barceloneta on Sant Joan Eve

We then walked toward the beach, and it was a completely different sight from what Peter and I experienced my first week here.  The beaches – and boardwalks – were packed with locals and tourists alike speaking more languages than I could recognize.  DJs were playing music, both in the clubs and on the streets.  Children, families, and adults were shooting off all kinds fireworks along the beach and boardwalks.  One family even put on an impressive show from the roof of their oceanfront building.  To say it was sensory overload would not do it justice.

Beachfront Lanterns Barceloneta

FireworksIce Cream Shop

Thank you, Anjit, for these great photos!

We turned in relatively early – we were back home at 3 AM – as we had had a long day, and we used the feast day itself as a welcome rest.  Even so, the fireworks continued through the night and, to a lesser extent, through Wednesday night as well.  The temporary stands around town that sold the fireworks were gone by the time we left for work today, a memory of a great night.

Parlem Aviat,

Jason Flahie


3 thoughts on “Sant Joan Shenanigans

  1. Thanks for sharing the info about the solstice holiday and your part in celebrating. I had not heard of this holiday.


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