Keeping Busy

The past week has been very busy…both in the lab and on the weekends.  Peter was in Sevilla for the weekend (I’m sure he’ll share pictures soon), and a few of Anjit’s friends were on a Europe trip and stopped here before heading to Pamplona.

Last Saturady was also American Independence Day, which was observed in Barcelona as Saturday.  Anjit headed with some of his friends to Plaça de Espanya, while I went with one of his friends, Lara, to Casa Batlló, one of Gaudí’s masterpieces.  If you are ever in Barcelona, you must see this, especially if you have an appreciation for Modernism or architecture in general.

That evening, we headed to Barceloneta to have dinner and enjoy the beach,  a much quieter July 4th than I’m accustomed to, though fun nonetheless.  You can see that Anjit had a good time…

Barceloneta July 4th

Sunday was a bit quieter – some of us headed back to the beach, and Lara and I checked out the CCCB, or the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture.  Afterward, we watched the US defeat Japan in the World Cup.  Definitely an exciting game.

At the Lab

This week was all about simulation and final assembly of the COM device I discussed earlier.

One of the requirements for a nanosatellite to be launched is that it pass a shock test, a simulation of the forces and vibrations that the satellite will experience when it is jettisoned from the rocket.  After discovering that my ANSYS license would not allow me to run such a large simulation, I contacted Professor Bhaskaran at Cornell, and he helped me get remote access to a computer in the Swanson Simulation lab at Cornell – it’s definitely weird remotely accessing a computer in Ithaca from Barcelona as if I were in Rhodes Hall.  Thank you, Professor!

Also, the parts for the COM measuring device finished being printed, so here’s what it looks like when it’s assembled…
COM Determination

All I have to do is test the code, and it will be ready to go.  Lots to do…

Parlem Aviat,

Jason Flahie


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