Adéu, Barcelona

The past ten days have been crazy, to say the least.  Two weekends ago, my adventure this summer in Barcelona ended, though not without one last visit to our local tapas bar, Taparazzi.  Definitely a delicious final dinner before the long trip home.Dinner at Taparazzi


Definitely a delicious night.

Now that I’ve been back in the U.S. for just over a week and am on-campus for my senior year, I can definitely say that this summer has been unforgettable.  I made some excellent friends – both with Anjit and Peter and with other students in the lab.  It is no longer possible to be successful and only be familiar with one country, and this summer showed, above all, how important international interaction is.

Overlooking Barcelona

I would definitely like to thank Professor Camps, Professor Alarcon, and all of the undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students at UPC for making us feel so welcome this summer and to everyone at Cornell who made this summer possible.  Also, thank you to Alex for taking us to see an amazing sunset for Anjit’s last night in Barcelona…

Takeoff from BCN

It was definitely hard to leave Barcelona because of all of the fun that I had this summer, but I know I’ll be back soon.

Parlem Aviat,

Jason Flahie


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